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Thursday, 8 January 2015

5 Reasons Way You Should Always Have Good Sex

   Sexual intercourse is an act carried out for procreation or for pleasure, in which there is a genital  contact,especially  the insertion of the penis into the vagina followed by orgasm,coitus,and copulation.
   Having regular sex has its advantages,due its not a  reason for one to abuse it.some of the advantages of having regular sex is highlighted below.
    Sex has not only physical but psychology and social benefits.The endorphins released during sex can help treat depression and clear the minds.This hormone is called 'the happy hormone'and its also known as the serotonin.This hormone can help create a sense of bliss when depressed.Try having sex when depressed, due it might be the last thing in your mind but it will go a long way pulling you out of that depression.
    The brain cells decline with age.We lose 7000 brain cells a day by the time we are 35yrs old.But having regular sex may help us to grow new brain cells,according to scientist from prineton university in the united state.The more sex you have,the more cells you can grow;It has been suggested that sex stimulates the growth of brain cells in the hippo-campus,the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.
     Stress and depression have shown to shrink hippo-campus while sex and exercise helps in protecting our brain cells against decline.This could be for various reasons which includes that sex causes increase in blood flow to the brain,which improves oxygen levels says Dr.Gosh.
     Sex  can also help in sharpening the woman's mind due to the surge in sex hormone,particularly testosterone which can help improve concentrations and reaction times.
    Kissing can help kick-starts multiple mechanisms in the brain,releasing chemicals that lower stress and boost mood because the lips is packed with nerve endings,that is 100 times more than the finger tips.
   Research has shown that orgasm can inhibit the release of pain transmitters from the spinal cord so they can't reach the neurons in the brain to respond to pain .Orgasm can block pain signals 3 times more than a morphine when used as a pain killer. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

How To Make Him A Better Man

We live in a rape cultured world and men so often have a sense of entitlement.We were taught that woman are responsible for not only their own behaviour,but the man's behaviour as well,whether it be in a relationship or in a dark alley and that is why a woman needs to cater for her man's immaturity rather than holding him to a high standard.
  When a woman doesn't feel heard or appreciated in her relationship,changing her tones seems like the only way to get a man's attention.
  Unfortunately,this is when men mistakes your intentions and feel like your judging his fault or shortcomings,he'll never open up and listen.Instead he'll shut down,stop HEARING u,and pull back even the more.
  You can create space for your man to want to be a better man on his own.But you can't make him do this by demanding that he change,its a losing battle.Lasting change comes from the inside.