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Sunday, 8 February 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Man Love You Forever.

  Love is a sweet thing, it turns your world into a paradise of bliss but it can be a two-edged sword because it can be sweet and soar at the same time.It has its up and down, its blessings and curses.But in all it is a beautiful thing if you know how to keep love awake and alive.This write-up discusses how to make your man be in love with you continually.
    BE A LISTENER: first and foremost always take time to listen to your man,know when to stop talking and just listen even if you don't have an advice to offer or a solution for his worries just be a good listener.At some point in time he just wants someone to talk to.If you play a good listener,you will always be his shoulder to lean on.
   DON'T SUFFOCATE HIM: in a relationship don't suffocate your partner,let their be a balance between the two of you.Try to understand him and also give him time,don't intrude into his privacy by reading his mail or answering his call without his permission.Let him live his life and you yours that way both of you would appreciate and compliment each other.
   BE CONFIDENT AND ATTRACTIVE:When you become less attractive and do not value yourself,then you will not be valued by your  man;Always try to be attractive and respect whom you are.When you become to needy of your man he begins to pull away from you because he fills you can't do without him.There is no need to chase your man,at some point in time free him,let him be.Allow him to have time for himself and he will always come back to a better man.
   ACCEPT HIS FRIEND:Most man wishes that their woman accepts their friends.Accept his friends and hang out with him and his friends sometimes,joke with them when you have the time.Mingle with them but don't flirt around.This would make him see you as a friend not just a lover.
   BE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN: Don't always be an asker but also a giver.Sometime take your man out for a date and make sure you pay the bills.Be independent in your thoughts and actions. Don't always do his bidding all the time,make him understand that you have a mindset of your own and he will appreciate you even the more because men tend to love independent woman who are strong willed but dislike ladies who are too emotional,cries a lot and is also dependent on others.