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Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Signs Of Break-Up

One hard fact is that not all relationship will end up in divine bliss.Every relationship has its trying period,some will bounce back stronger and healthier while others will not see the light of the day. Every relationship is either triggered by love or lust.whether it be love or lust it must pass through fire,it is either the fire brightens it or it burns it to ashes. But one big fact still remains that we don't know when to quit our relationship or to kiss it goodbye.Below are some factors that tells us how to know when to kiss goodbye to our relationship.
    When Sorry Becomes A Habit.When your relationship has gotten to the bricks of you apologizing for every little things you do even when its uncalled for or when you've done nothing that warrants you apologizing.Secondly when your spouse can't apologize when he/she wrongs you,because they feel  they are always right and you are the one who is faulty.
     When Trust Becomes An Issue.When you spouse begins to suspect every move you make,eavesdrops in your conversation, your phones calls,text massages,emails and so on.When you no longer trust his judgments or you now fill insecure in the relationship.When you now doubt his every movement or his your then you should realise its time to say goodbye.
      Because every relationship is builded in trust and understanding.When this two virtues are missing in your relationship then your relationship is headed for bricks and it is wise you call it quit because it will eventually end up in shambles and life is to short to manage, and remember you deserve to be happy.