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Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Height As A Way To The Mind

  Every individual has what turns them on,they have different ways of understanding and views,but their is always a general view,this general view is an idea that most people are in agreement with over an issue.
  This write-up is the continuation of my previous write-up which is titled '5 THINGS THAT ATTRACTS A MAN AT FIRST SIGHT'. In continuation i will discuss the remaining factors that can help attract a man on his first sighting of you.Below are this factors.
    The BMI-Body Max Index: This is an important determinate to the perception of beauty.In the western society thinner woman are seen as the ideal body,while in some other culture they prefer plumper women.But research has soon that man are always attracted to woman with average BMI because they are moderate and more sexy.So they tend to attract the male flock easily.
    Height-LEG TO BODY RATIO: A study showing polish participants by sorokowski found that 5% longer legs than that of the individual used as a reference was considered most attractive.guys prefer ladies with long legs and has height.
    I came across a write-up that says that at five foot eight average height ,for every inch over average height  one in the work place could expect to earn an extra $600 each month. This actually is hilarious,but come to think of it,it could be an added advantage because the height causes admiration from so many, thereby creating more friends and a conducive work environment for the individual.
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