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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

  Have you ever given all of your self to someone to the extent of revealing all of your innermost feelings and thoughts to them,then all of a sudden your sweet pretty dreams is being turned into a nightmare because the one you love and trust has turned all around and is now behaving funny by showing the signs of a cheating spouse.
    Cheating has become a common trend in our society,Men cheats,so does woman.This trend has come to affect so many negatively because cheating can cause depression,it can kill your happiness thereby making you a shadow of yourself. Some of the sign of the signs of a cheating spouse includes the following:
 When you partner no longer calls you or pick your calls,and then you confronts him with the question of "Why are you not picking my call nor returning them?" His simply answer is i have been busy all day or he might give you loads of excuses to why he can't call,then you better look out the signs of a cheating spouse.
This is one of the signs of a cheating spouse,feeling scared that he would receive that sacred call,he wouldn't want you to stay around his phone or where he his answering his calls,he avoids you sitting close to him when he chat with his friends.He becomes skeptical when ever you are around.
This is an evident sign of a cheating spouse,when he starts keeping late night with the excuse of having to work late in  his office or hanging out with friends especially when it now becomes an everyday excuse. He complains at every little thing you do.   
    Cheating destroys a relationship and also destroys you because it affects you psychologically it makes you feel used,abused and thrown away and that is why you must learn the signs of a cheating spouse.
      Do you probably feel that your spouse is cheating on you but you don't know for sure because you don't have any hard or concrete evidence.Do you really want to catch your spouse red- handed Do you want to put a stop to that cheating habit of your spouse so that  you wouldn't have to live your life in regrets and pains.If yes then CLICK HERE to learn how to catch your cheating spouse at the act and stop the pains your spouse is causing you.