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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

  Have you ever given all of your self to someone to the extent of revealing all of your innermost feelings and thoughts to them,then all of a sudden your sweet pretty dreams is being turned into a nightmare because the one you love and trust has turned all around and is now behaving funny by showing the signs of a cheating spouse.
    Cheating has become a common trend in our society,Men cheats,so does woman.This trend has come to affect so many negatively because cheating can cause depression,it can kill your happiness thereby making you a shadow of yourself. Some of the sign of the signs of a cheating spouse includes the following:
 When you partner no longer calls you or pick your calls,and then you confronts him with the question of "Why are you not picking my call nor returning them?" His simply answer is i have been busy all day or he might give you loads of excuses to why he can't call,then you better look out the signs of a cheating spouse.
This is one of the signs of a cheating spouse,feeling scared that he would receive that sacred call,he wouldn't want you to stay around his phone or where he his answering his calls,he avoids you sitting close to him when he chat with his friends.He becomes skeptical when ever you are around.
This is an evident sign of a cheating spouse,when he starts keeping late night with the excuse of having to work late in  his office or hanging out with friends especially when it now becomes an everyday excuse. He complains at every little thing you do.   
    Cheating destroys a relationship and also destroys you because it affects you psychologically it makes you feel used,abused and thrown away and that is why you must learn the signs of a cheating spouse.
      Do you probably feel that your spouse is cheating on you but you don't know for sure because you don't have any hard or concrete evidence.Do you really want to catch your spouse red- handed Do you want to put a stop to that cheating habit of your spouse so that  you wouldn't have to live your life in regrets and pains.If yes then CLICK HERE to learn how to catch your cheating spouse at the act and stop the pains your spouse is causing you.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Signs Of Break-Up

One hard fact is that not all relationship will end up in divine bliss.Every relationship has its trying period,some will bounce back stronger and healthier while others will not see the light of the day. Every relationship is either triggered by love or lust.whether it be love or lust it must pass through fire,it is either the fire brightens it or it burns it to ashes. But one big fact still remains that we don't know when to quit our relationship or to kiss it goodbye.Below are some factors that tells us how to know when to kiss goodbye to our relationship.
    When Sorry Becomes A Habit.When your relationship has gotten to the bricks of you apologizing for every little things you do even when its uncalled for or when you've done nothing that warrants you apologizing.Secondly when your spouse can't apologize when he/she wrongs you,because they feel  they are always right and you are the one who is faulty.
     When Trust Becomes An Issue.When you spouse begins to suspect every move you make,eavesdrops in your conversation, your phones calls,text massages,emails and so on.When you no longer trust his judgments or you now fill insecure in the relationship.When you now doubt his every movement or his your then you should realise its time to say goodbye.
      Because every relationship is builded in trust and understanding.When this two virtues are missing in your relationship then your relationship is headed for bricks and it is wise you call it quit because it will eventually end up in shambles and life is to short to manage, and remember you deserve to be happy.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

7 Powerful Love Text For Valentine

  Love is the sweetest fruit of all times.As valentine approaches and love fills the air,it is a season to show that you do love your spouse.There are different ways to show this during this season,this includes buying of flowers,giving out gifts and sending out test massages.
  We will focus on the issue of sending love text to your spouse this valentine .Do you  know that just a few words could strengthen that dying relationship or put smiles in the face of your spouse each time they remember those sweet words.It could last in their memory for a life time.
   This massages should be simple and sweet,let it be something that could melt the heart with love.Below are some simple sweet text massages that you can send to your spouse this valentine.
  • In you i have a friend and a lover,you are the sole reason for my existence ,without you in my life love would have been just an illusion.Thank you for loving me.   
  • How i wish life was unending,because since i meet you darling,i have known nothing but love,happiness and peace with you in my life,life  is worth living.I would forever love you.
  • Our love is immortal,You are my heaven-sent,my Angel sent from above.How sweet it is to be with you.
  • Like a candle in the dark,you've light up my world.What more can i say but to tell you that you are the reason for this season.
  • My sunshine,my heartbeat i woke up this morning with a smile on my face because i dream't of you all night,wondering why,then i remember that today was made just for you and me.
  • The word love existed because you existed,without you there will be no love and the world would be boring.
  • Hello darling you know what.i just wanna say i love you,Lets have fun because with you my whole life is fun.And today is meant for just the two of us.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Man Love You Forever.

  Love is a sweet thing, it turns your world into a paradise of bliss but it can be a two-edged sword because it can be sweet and soar at the same time.It has its up and down, its blessings and curses.But in all it is a beautiful thing if you know how to keep love awake and alive.This write-up discusses how to make your man be in love with you continually.
    BE A LISTENER: first and foremost always take time to listen to your man,know when to stop talking and just listen even if you don't have an advice to offer or a solution for his worries just be a good listener.At some point in time he just wants someone to talk to.If you play a good listener,you will always be his shoulder to lean on.
   DON'T SUFFOCATE HIM: in a relationship don't suffocate your partner,let their be a balance between the two of you.Try to understand him and also give him time,don't intrude into his privacy by reading his mail or answering his call without his permission.Let him live his life and you yours that way both of you would appreciate and compliment each other.
   BE CONFIDENT AND ATTRACTIVE:When you become less attractive and do not value yourself,then you will not be valued by your  man;Always try to be attractive and respect whom you are.When you become to needy of your man he begins to pull away from you because he fills you can't do without him.There is no need to chase your man,at some point in time free him,let him be.Allow him to have time for himself and he will always come back to a better man.
   ACCEPT HIS FRIEND:Most man wishes that their woman accepts their friends.Accept his friends and hang out with him and his friends sometimes,joke with them when you have the time.Mingle with them but don't flirt around.This would make him see you as a friend not just a lover.
   BE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN: Don't always be an asker but also a giver.Sometime take your man out for a date and make sure you pay the bills.Be independent in your thoughts and actions. Don't always do his bidding all the time,make him understand that you have a mindset of your own and he will appreciate you even the more because men tend to love independent woman who are strong willed but dislike ladies who are too emotional,cries a lot and is also dependent on others.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Height As A Way To The Mind

  Every individual has what turns them on,they have different ways of understanding and views,but their is always a general view,this general view is an idea that most people are in agreement with over an issue.
  This write-up is the continuation of my previous write-up which is titled '5 THINGS THAT ATTRACTS A MAN AT FIRST SIGHT'. In continuation i will discuss the remaining factors that can help attract a man on his first sighting of you.Below are this factors.
    The BMI-Body Max Index: This is an important determinate to the perception of beauty.In the western society thinner woman are seen as the ideal body,while in some other culture they prefer plumper women.But research has soon that man are always attracted to woman with average BMI because they are moderate and more sexy.So they tend to attract the male flock easily.
    Height-LEG TO BODY RATIO: A study showing polish participants by sorokowski found that 5% longer legs than that of the individual used as a reference was considered most attractive.guys prefer ladies with long legs and has height.
    I came across a write-up that says that at five foot eight average height ,for every inch over average height  one in the work place could expect to earn an extra $600 each month. This actually is hilarious,but come to think of it,it could be an added advantage because the height causes admiration from so many, thereby creating more friends and a conducive work environment for the individual.
   Do you know you can actually grow your limbs,grow taller and increase your height by adding extra inches  naturally no matter what your age or even if you have not grown in years. To learn more about this natural proven way to increase your height GO HERE .To get this information you can also CLICK HERE .

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

5 Things That Attracts A Man At First Sight

   The word women and attraction can not be separated because they walk together,in our day to day life as woman we tend to always look for ways to look attractive because they say a lot about us to both the male and even our fellow woman.
   In this write up we will be discussion first five things that attracts a man to a woman a first sight.This things are what keeps the men glowed to a spot when ladies with this attribute passes by.This attributes is nicknamed "THE CHARM" This attributed will be discussed below.
    SMILES:This is the first thing that attracts a man to you,a smile can easily win over a man's heart.Ladies that are used to smiling attracts men easily unlike those without a smiling face.But you agree with me that if you don't have a nice set of teeth and gums you would always find it difficult to smile because you don't want to show off your bad teeth and gums.If you are worried about your bad teeth and breath and needs a natural solution for it then CLICK HERE .Always remember that a little smile can change a whole lot.
     THE WOMAN'S HAIR: Most men get attracted by moderately long hair or anything close to shoulder length as they look more feminine.Men have been found to prefer long hair women because it has been explained that long hair indicates health and nutrition. To learn how to nurture a natural long beautiful healthy hair that would turn every man's head for a long admiring glance and freeze other woman with envy then CLICK HERE .
     THE SKIN TONE: Men get attracted to a woman's skin tone. A preference for lighter skin woman has remained prevalent over time.The skin radiance influences perception of beauty and physical attractiveness.Men are glowed to woman with lighter skin.If you want to learn how whiten or lighten your skin and have a natural flawless skin then CLICK HERE .I will discuss the remaining attributes on my next post,    
   Always remember that Attraction has a way of bringing you good tidings,research has made us to understand that attractive people are more likely to be hired for a job,they are more likely to earn 12 percent more,they are more likely to attain an elected position,the list goes on and on.