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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

5 Things That Attracts A Man At First Sight

   The word women and attraction can not be separated because they walk together,in our day to day life as woman we tend to always look for ways to look attractive because they say a lot about us to both the male and even our fellow woman.
   In this write up we will be discussion first five things that attracts a man to a woman a first sight.This things are what keeps the men glowed to a spot when ladies with this attribute passes by.This attributes is nicknamed "THE CHARM" This attributed will be discussed below.
    SMILES:This is the first thing that attracts a man to you,a smile can easily win over a man's heart.Ladies that are used to smiling attracts men easily unlike those without a smiling face.But you agree with me that if you don't have a nice set of teeth and gums you would always find it difficult to smile because you don't want to show off your bad teeth and gums.If you are worried about your bad teeth and breath and needs a natural solution for it then CLICK HERE .Always remember that a little smile can change a whole lot.
     THE WOMAN'S HAIR: Most men get attracted by moderately long hair or anything close to shoulder length as they look more feminine.Men have been found to prefer long hair women because it has been explained that long hair indicates health and nutrition. To learn how to nurture a natural long beautiful healthy hair that would turn every man's head for a long admiring glance and freeze other woman with envy then CLICK HERE .
     THE SKIN TONE: Men get attracted to a woman's skin tone. A preference for lighter skin woman has remained prevalent over time.The skin radiance influences perception of beauty and physical attractiveness.Men are glowed to woman with lighter skin.If you want to learn how whiten or lighten your skin and have a natural flawless skin then CLICK HERE .I will discuss the remaining attributes on my next post,    
   Always remember that Attraction has a way of bringing you good tidings,research has made us to understand that attractive people are more likely to be hired for a job,they are more likely to earn 12 percent more,they are more likely to attain an elected position,the list goes on and on.