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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

7 Powerful Love Text For Valentine

  Love is the sweetest fruit of all times.As valentine approaches and love fills the air,it is a season to show that you do love your spouse.There are different ways to show this during this season,this includes buying of flowers,giving out gifts and sending out test massages.
  We will focus on the issue of sending love text to your spouse this valentine .Do you  know that just a few words could strengthen that dying relationship or put smiles in the face of your spouse each time they remember those sweet words.It could last in their memory for a life time.
   This massages should be simple and sweet,let it be something that could melt the heart with love.Below are some simple sweet text massages that you can send to your spouse this valentine.
  • In you i have a friend and a lover,you are the sole reason for my existence ,without you in my life love would have been just an illusion.Thank you for loving me.   
  • How i wish life was unending,because since i meet you darling,i have known nothing but love,happiness and peace with you in my life,life  is worth living.I would forever love you.
  • Our love is immortal,You are my heaven-sent,my Angel sent from above.How sweet it is to be with you.
  • Like a candle in the dark,you've light up my world.What more can i say but to tell you that you are the reason for this season.
  • My sunshine,my heartbeat i woke up this morning with a smile on my face because i dream't of you all night,wondering why,then i remember that today was made just for you and me.
  • The word love existed because you existed,without you there will be no love and the world would be boring.
  • Hello darling you know what.i just wanna say i love you,Lets have fun because with you my whole life is fun.And today is meant for just the two of us.